• Project Name: Installation of Sky Bridge - Atmosphere Towers, Kolkata

Nature of Work : Lifting and installation of sky bridge (mid segment) measuring 45m x 22m x 11m and weighing 600 MT at a height of 107m from ground elevation between two high rise buildings

Project Highlight :  The high rise towers are an attractive piece of architecture that comprised of a sky bridge between 2 buildings at a height of over 100 m above ground level and would comprise of various amenities like gym swimming pool,club house, etc. The steel structure for this sky bridge weighed 600 MT. We used 4 Nos. of strand jacks and power packs having a total capacity of 1600 MT which were synchronized using a computer and special lifting software. The synchronization enabled us to operate all 4 strand jacks within 10 mm of each other, which was a major requirement of this project. The lifting of more than 100 m was completed within a day. The sky bridge was then hydraulically and mechanically locked by the strand jacks for a period of 30 days enabling the mid-segment to be joined to its side structure