• Project Name: Transportation of De-Salination Units - L&T, Hazira
  • Work: Transportation, Roll on, Roll off

Nature of job: Transport, Roll-on, Barging, Roll off, and  Installation of 3nos. Desalination  Units Measuring 44.3m x  8.4m x 13.7m  &  weighing 402 MT each using our Barge “Freight 75” from L&T, Hazira Jetty to Ras Al Khaimah (UAE)

Project Highlight:  We provided a complete factory to find a solution for our client, which included transportation from the fabrication area to the Jetty, roll on to the barge, barging it to the jetty at Ras Al Khaimah Creek, roll-off at the jetty, and installation on to the foundations. Since we provided end-to-end solutions to the client, they had to coordinate only with one agency for the entire duration of the project. Due to the synergy of the operation, we were also able to pass on the commercial benefits to the client.