• Project Name: Transportation of Super-ODC's - Reliance Industries

Nature of Work:  

Currently, we are executing a heavy logistics contract for Reliance Industries Limited’s J3 Project at Jamnagar, Gujarat. Our scope of work includes receiving the ODC’s and SODC’s through LO-LO/RO-RO operations on our Heavy transport equipment, unloading at the jetty till the time the heavy lifts are custom cleared and their transport/delivery to the site. We are responsible for all transport engineering including the stability/lashing calculations for all the heavy lifts.

Project Highlight: 

As part of this project, we have so far handled more than 200 Heavy lifts including the following:

  1. Toluene Column (94.73m x 9.87m x 10.74m) weighing 1042 MT
  2. Xyelene Column (87.95m x 11.68m x 12.46m) weighing 860 MT
  3. C3 Splitter (115m.1 x 8.1m x 8.13m) weighing 833 MT
  4. SRU Tailgas Column (104.92m x 6.32m x 7.07m) weighing 784 MT
  5. Main Scrubber (50.3m x 10.3m x 10.8m) weighing 741 MT
  6. HTHR Boiler (44.6m x 6.2m x 6.7m) weighing 700 MT
  7. LLDPE Reactor (45m x 10.3m x 9.8m) weighing 666 MT
  8. Product Purge Bin (51.4m x 13.8m x 14m) weighing 665 MT