• Project Name: Installation of Basket Arch-Bridge at Thane Kalwa Creek

The New Thane Creek Bridge by Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) was a long over-due infrastructural project owing to many hardships related to land acquisition & permissions for construction activities.

This ambitious project given its precarious location spans over a hundred meters weighs about 1200 metric tonnes and connects Thanekars to Navi Mumbai.

Given the fact that the bridge had to be erected over a water body at a height of 12.5 meters, it came with a huge risk to life and therefore had to be done with absolute precision. The conventional method of assembling at the site was both time-consuming and a costly affair, adding to the drawbacks of this approach. M/s. J. Kumar, therefore, needed a partner who could complete the project in time and while addressing all these concerns. 

Freight Wings saved the day with its in-depth analysis and technical know-how & three-plus decades of experience. 

The 1200 MT Arch Bridge was lifted from the assembly location to the required height of 12.5 m with heavy-duty Modular Towers equipped with computer-controlled synchronized Strand Jacks. The bridge was then rested on temporary tower structures equipped with customized and heavy-duty rollers. 

For the next step, Strand Jacks, which were installed on the other side of the creek were used to skid the Arch bridge by 120m approx. The Arch Bridge was then finally aligned and positioned with the help of hydraulic jacks. This approach ensured that the Thane Kalwa Bridge was smoothly, safely, and successfully installed on Schedule.

Freight Wings’ innovative solution eliminated all the difficulties envisaged in the conventional method of erecting the Arch-Bridge and helped M/s. J Kumar in completing their long-awaited milestone.