• Project Name: Lifting, Transporting & Launching of TBM

TBM – Worli Case Study

The Mumbai Underground Metro – Line III project by Mumbai Metro Regional Development Association (MMRDA) required retrieval of TANSA – 1 & TANSA – 2 TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) from Worli Metro station and transport to Science Museum Station to begin its next phase of tunnel excavation.

 TANSA – 1 & TANSA – 2, a refurbished Robbins NFS Slurry TBM, had an overall diameter of 6.65m. It completed a 2072 m underground excavation on January 2020, starting from Science Museum Metro Station.

 As per the original plan and the conventional method, the TBM was disassembled inside the shaft and retrieved part-by-part using a suitable crane. This plan was time-consuming and cumbersome owing to space constraints. Moreover, a crane would’ve been needed for the entire timeline involving lifting all parts and then re-assembly of all TBM components.

 To resolve this issue, Freight Wings suggested a unique approach. It suggested retrieval, transportation of TBM from Worli Metro Station, and its Launching at Science Museum Station as a Single Unit, removing the need for any disassembly and re-assembly. Freight Wings devised a customized solution that allowed the project to execute within the confines of inner-city Mumbai, where minor delays can cause considerable disruption.

Freight Wings designed a tailor-made solution that would fit within these restricted dimensions, overcoming complex regulatory constraints and space restrictions. All this was done while managing the limited ground-bearing pressures available at the site location.

 Since this approach would save precious time and money for the Metro Team, Dogus Soma JV awarded Freight Wings this iconic task in January 2020.

 Freight Wings utilized its in-house specialized equipment to complete this project before its deadline. 4 nos. of 325 MT Capacity Digitally controlled & Synchronized Strand Jacks powered by two nos. of Power Packs, mounted on a 2500 MT capacity Mega Lift System which skids itself on Heavy Duty Skidding Girders of Length 31.4m. Transportation was handled by SPMT with 20 Axle lines and was completed in 6 hours before the early morning traffic at Worli (Dr. Moses Road) began.

 Freight Wings’ innovative solution eliminated all the difficulties envisaged in the conventional method for retrieving and launching TBM. Additionally, the client saved one month on their overall project, saving considerable time in their overall project schedule. 

 Freight Wings’ timely and cost-effective solution proved to be a blessing for the client (Dogus Soma JV). It paved the way for a new project at Priyadarshini Park, handled by Larsen & Toubro (L&T), which involved lifting India’s largest TBM (1500MT).