1. Multi-axle trailers designed for transportation of ODC’s and SODC’s
  2. Steering is controlled by an electro-hydraulic motor
  3. 3rd generation SPMT is fully computer-controlled with the sandwich platform.
  4. Made of high tensile steel (STE690V) – one of the strongest in the world.
  5. Containerized transportation.
  6. Nine steering programs like standard, crab, transverse and circular.
  7. Steering angle +130°/-100°


  1. Synchronized self-propelled movement
  2. Compact size increases the scope of usability
  3. Since the width is only 2.43m, therefore we need less saddle length. In side-by-side transport, we need saddle length around 7m compared to the 8m saddle length required for other types of SPMT’s
  4. Cost-effective solution for the transportation of heavy packages & Over dimensional consignments.
  5. Has applications in Offshore, Oil & Gas, Power, Infrastructure, Automobiles, and other related sectors.