• Project Name: Comprehensive Erection of VGO Reactor and Module

Project Overview

Freight Wings Pvt Ltd (FWPL) successfully executed the erection of a 980 MT Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO) reactor and a 70 MT module using a state-of-the-art strand jack tower lift system and a 600 MT crawler crane. This case study highlights FWPL’s expertise in handling heavy lifting operations within the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Client and Project Background

Our client, a leading player in the oil refining sector, initiated an expansion project to enhance their refinery’s capacity and efficiency. This involved installing a new VGO reactor and module, supported by civil works to handle the heavy equipment. The reactor’s massive size and weight posed significant challenges, requiring innovative solutions to ensure precise lifting and positioning in a confined space.

Key Challenges

  • Massive Size and Weight: The VGO reactor weighed 980 MT, demanding a specialized lifting solution.
  • Limited Space: The installation site had space constraints, making traditional lifting methods impractical.
  • Coordination with Civil Works: Concurrent ramp construction and foundation laying added logistical and scheduling challenges.
  • Safety Concerns: Ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment throughout the lifting operation was paramount.
  • Precision Positioning: The reactor needed to be accurately aligned with existing infrastructure and piping systems.



FWPL proposed using a strand jack tower lift system and a 600 MT crawler crane. This advanced technology employs hydraulic strand jacks and a tower system to lift and position heavy loads vertically with millimeter precision, overcoming the challenges posed by the reactor’s size, weight, and limited space while ensuring safety and accuracy.


1. VGO Reactor Erection (980 MT)

  • Pre-Installation Civil Works: Constructed ramp and foundation to support the heavy loads.
  • Strand Jack Tower Setup: Positioned to provide maximum stability and lifting capacity.
  • Precision Lifting: Carefully lifted and maneuvered the VGO reactor using the strand jack system and specialized rigging equipment.
  • Additional Support: A 600 MT crawler crane provided tailing support, ensuring optimal balance and control.
  • Safety Protocols: Rigorous safety measures, including regular briefings, equipment inspections, and coordination with onsite personnel.

2. VGO Reactor Module Erection (70 MT)

  • Module Lifting: Leveraged the 600 MT crawler crane to lift and position the module onto the reactor.
  • Seamless Coordination: Close collaboration between crane operators, riggers, and project engineers ensured meticulous alignment and stability.



FWPL’s integrated approach synchronized heavy equipment installation with civil works, delivering exceptional results that exceeded client expectations. The successful completion of the project highlighted FWPL’s capability in executing complex projects within the oil refining industry, setting a benchmark for future endeavors.


FWPL’s expertise in heavy lifting operations, coupled with innovative solutions and meticulous planning, ensured the successful erection of the VGO reactor and module. This project underscores FWPL’s commitment to safety, precision, and excellence in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors.