• Project Name: Relocation of Grab Ship Unloader (GSU) Crane and Rail Mounted Quay (RMQC) Crane

Project Overview

Freight Wings Pvt Ltd (FWPL) successfully completed the relocation of two GSU cranes from Mundra Port Terminal to Krishnapatnam Port Terminal and one RMQC crane from Krishnapatnam Port Terminal to Kattupalli Port Terminal. The project included design, engineering, Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) load-in/load-out operations, and internal and external sea-fastening of the cranes. FWPL’s extensive experience in designing safe, complex heavy lifting and load-out operations was crucial for this project.

Challenges and Initial Hurdles

The primary challenge was the layout and location of Mundra Port Terminal, where the two GSU cranes needed to be loaded onto a barge under extreme weather conditions and high wave currents. The wharf was designed for both container quay cranes and general cargo, surrounded by water on all sides. Due to this complex design, the available space for crane movement and load distribution on the piles was limited. The traditional trailer load-out methodology was impractical due to the low load-bearing capacity of the wharf.

FWPL’s Innovative Solutions

FWPL’s engineering team analyzed the complex jetty design and devised a distinctive, safe solution for loading the cranes onto the barge.

  1. Modular Skidding System:
    • Designed and fabricated a modular skidding system for the efficient load-out of a 1700MT GSU crane.
    • The system included four hydraulic skid shoes, each with a 900MT capacity, push-pull cylinders, skid tracks, and hydraulic power packs.
  2. Jack-Up and Skidding Operation:
    • Jacked up the entire 1700MT GSU crane to 1000mm using hydraulic jack-ups.
    • Skidded the crane onto the barge from the jetty, covering a distance of approximately 60 meters.

The second 1700MT GSU crane was similarly skidded and loaded out in a record short span of time, minimizing risk and saving substantial costs for the client.

Execution Process

  1. Load-In at Krishnapatnam Port Terminal:
    • The two GSU cranes were sailed to Krishnapatnam Port Terminal.
    • Utilizing the trailer load-in method, FWPL ensured the safe handling and swift load-in of the cranes.
  2. Load-Out and Load-In of RMQC Crane:
    • A 1400MT RMQC crane was loaded out at Krishnapatnam Port Terminal and loaded in at Kattupalli Port Terminal using the trailer load-out method.

Successful Completion

The entire relocation operation was completed ahead of the scheduled project timeline despite numerous challenges. FWPL’s past experience and unique engineering solutions enabled the client to overcome obstacles and execute the project safely and efficiently, setting a new benchmark in the industry.


FWPL’s successful relocation of the GSU and RMQC cranes underscores its expertise in handling complex and heavy lifting operations. The innovative solutions and efficient execution demonstrate FWPL’s commitment to delivering cost-effective and timely project completions, contributing significantly to the success of large-scale infrastructure projects.