• Project Name: Emergency Restoration at Meja Thermal Power Plant

Project Overview

The Meja Thermal Power Plant in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, experienced an abrupt boiler tube leakage (BTL) in the economizer, which led to the shutdown of the second unit. The forced shutdown resulted from the detachment of the uncooled wall panel with all four sides of the vertical wall just above the T Joints-Forged piece. This incident significantly impacted the plant’s total power generation, causing substantial daily financial losses for Meja Urja Nigam Private Limited (MUNPL). Restoring the uncooled wall in the shortest possible time became critical.

Client Challenges

Given the critical nature of the damage and the need for rapid restoration, lifting the 4500 MT wall structure with cranes was not feasible due to insufficient lifting capabilities and the lack of provisions for exterior lifting. The interior structure of the water wall was crowded with numerous tubes and fins (pressure part) panels, further complicating the task.

FWPL’s Innovative Solution

Freight Wings Pvt Ltd (FWPL) proposed a distinctive engineering solution to restore the water wall within the constrained time frame. Key challenges and solutions included:

  1. Space Constraints: The interior structure’s complexity necessitated precise positioning of strand jacks over the hanger rod support beam based on available space between tube panels. However, inadequate clearance between strands and tubes made the full implementation of strand jacks impracticable.

  2. Engineering Design: FWPL meticulously examined the interior layout of the tube panels and designed a suitable spreader beam and anchor block to maintain the necessary clearance while lifting the water wall at a 105-meter elevation.

  3. Synchronization of Water Wall Levels: Ensuring that the water wall was lifted uniformly from all four sides was crucial. FWPL implemented guide plates between the strand and tube and articulated two spreader beams to achieve this synchronization.

Execution and Results

FWPL’s engineered method allowed for the equal lifting of the entire water wall structure from all sides. The swift response and thorough understanding of the customer’s urgency enabled FWPL to deliver a turnkey solution that eliminated the need for cranes, saving significant time and cost for MUNPL.


  • Innovative Engineering: Overcame space constraints and complex tube structures with a custom-designed spreader beam and anchor block.
  • Precise Execution: Achieved uniform lifting of the 4500 MT water wall structure using guide plates and articulated spreader beams.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Eliminated crane utilization, reducing project costs and time, ultimately saving the client crores of rupees.



FWPL’s expertise in heavy lifting and complex engineering solutions played a pivotal role in the rapid and efficient restoration of the water wall at Meja Thermal Power Plant. Their innovative approach and precise execution minimized downtime and financial losses for MUNPL, showcasing FWPL’s capability to handle critical and challenging projects in the power sector.