• Project Name: Erection of "Maha Vishnu Vishwaroopam" Statue

The erection of the “Maha Vishnu Vishwaroopam” statue by Freight Wings Pvt Ltd was a remarkable engineering feat. Standing at an impressive 108 feet tall and weighing 500 metric tons, this monumental task required sophisticated planning and specialized equipment. Using their advanced tower megalift system equipped with strand jacks, Freight Wings undertook the complex challenge of lifting and precisely positioning this iconic sculpture. 

Heavy Lifting Freight Wings


l   Height and Weight: Managing the immense height and weight of the statue required careful consideration of load distribution and structural integrity.

l  Precision Engineering: Ensuring millimeter-level accuracy during lifting and skidding to prevent any structural damage or misalignment.

l Space Constraints and Safety: Operating within a residential area imposed limitations on the movement of equipment and personnel, necessitating meticulous planning and adherence to safety protocols.

The erection of the “Maha Vishnu Vishwaroopam” statue stands as a testament to Freight Wings Pvt Ltd’s commitment to precision engineering, safety, and successful project execution. Our comprehensive approach from planning through to execution ensured the statue’s installation was accomplished seamlessly, meeting client expectations and contributing to the cultural and architectural landscape of the region.

The client expressed utmost satisfaction with our professionalism, technical expertise, and adherence to project timelines, reinforcing Freight Wings Pvt Ltd’s reputation as a trusted partner in monumental projects requiring specialized lifting and engineering solutions.