• Project Name: Bridge Erection - Gaundalim, Goa

Project Location: Gaundalim Bridge, Goa

Nature of Work: Install an 80m long, 3.7m wide, 16m high steel arch bridge weighing 265MT for GSIDC’s Gaundalim, Goa Site.

Project Highlight: Initially, the client team planned to install the Arch Bridge in pieces using high-capacity cranes from both ends. We proposed a solution enabling the client to assemble the entire Arch Segment on the ground and then install it using the float over technology. The Bridge segment was rested on stools at the height of 1.5m. With the help of customized cribs and computer-controlled SPMT’s. The Arch bridge was jacked up to its final placement height of 11.7m. The SPMT’s mounted with modular tower structures were placed under the bridge to transport them to the barge. The width of the channel was only 70m. We also provided a customized barge of 54m in length to accommodate the limited space. The Arch Bridge was rolled onto the barge with the help of SPMT’s. The ballasting and deballasting were carried out using our high-speed ballast pumps to maintain the stability of the barge with the tide level. The barge was finally positioned to its final location using our mooring winches.