• Project Name: Transportation of multiple Super Heavy ODC's

Location: Reliance Industries- JERP, Jamnagar, Gujarat

Nature Work:  Multimodal Transportation of 84 nos. of Super Heavy, SODC’s. The scope included marine transport on Barges from Sikka anchorage to Sikka Jetty and Land transport on SPMT’s over a distance of 23 km from Sikka Jetty to Reliance-JERP 2 Plant

Project Highlight: Safely transported 84 nos. of Super ODC’s in a highly aggressive and demanding project schedule of only 8 months, including:

Land Transport:

  1. 1591 MT C3 Splitter (96.8m X 14.3m X 11.5m)
  2. 1438 MT FCC Regenerator (41.2m X 18.0m X 18.0m)
  3. 1205 MT Crude Column  (74.1m x 12.7m x 13.2m )
  4. 745 MT DHDS Reactor (38.7m x 5.8m x 6.9m )

Marine Transport:

  1. 1205 MT Crude Column (74.1m x 12.7m x 13.2m)
  2. 601 MT Vacuum Column (47.8m x 13.9m x 13.9m)
  3. 410 MT Coke Drums (38.2m x 9.6m x 9.5m)