• Project Name: Installation of Generator Stator - Rajiv Gandhi TPP

Case overview

Reliance Infrastructure ltd., one of the biggest EPC companies in India was setting up a 2x600MW Thermal power plant for Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited in Hissar, Haryana. The power plant equipment including the Generator was supplied by Shanghai Electric Company, China. The 10.5m long Generator weighing 320MT was to be installed at a height of 13.7m

Clients’ Predicament:

The Stator had to be lifted from the ground level outside A row to the TG deck height of 13.7m. Lifting with a crane was ruled out as the TG deck was covered with a permanent roof since electric equipment like Generator can not be exposed to weather elements. The other problem was the clearance between columns A4 and A5 which was less than the length of the Generator. Also, the clearance of only 9.7m between the TG deck and the bottom of the EOT girder posed a big challenge since the lifting gantry had to be designed within a height of 9.7m so that the lifting equipment slides below the EOT girder.

Our Competence

We designed a special 500 Ton tower lift system with strand jacks and trolley for the lifting and installation of the Generator. The system comprised  of 34 m heavy duty girders and tower modules. The total height of the system was designed in such a way that the top of the strand jacks was at an elevation of 23.1m, clearing the bottom of EOT Girder by 300mm. The lifting system was designed with a swivel system so as to rotate the Stator by up to 90 degrees before its skidding between column A4 and A5. This solved the issue arising out of Generator length being more than the clearance between the two said columns. The entire operation of lifting, skidding and placement of the Generator on to its foundation was completed safely and smoothly to the full satisfaction of the client.