• Project Name: Relocation of Launching Gantries for Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project

Project Overview

Freight Wings Pvt Ltd (FWPL) successfully completed a critical milestone on the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link project, involving the relocation of two massive launching gantries. Each gantry, weighing 950 tonnes, measuring 135 meters long and 6.5 meters high, was relocated in the open sea. The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link is a proposed freeway-grade road connecting Mumbai to its satellite city, featuring a 21.8 km long, 6-lane wide carriageway viaduct across Mumbai Bay.

Challenges and Initial Plans

The alignment of Package 2 included Orthotropic Steel Deck (OSD) navigational spans situated between the segmental concrete viaducts. This required relocating two of the three launching gantries from one end of the package to the other to continue constructing the concrete segmental spans. Initially, the plan was to dismantle and reassemble the gantries, which would have taken 4 months and incurred significant costs, delaying the project.

FWPL’s Innovative Solution

To address this challenge, FWPL proposed a groundbreaking solution: relocating the launching gantries in a single piece, ready-to-erect span condition. Using FWPL’s Heavy Lifting technique with barges mounted with towers, the gantries were moved without dismantling and reassembling.

Execution Process

  • Heavy Lifting Technique: Utilized barges mounted with towers to lift and relocate the gantries in a single piece.
  • Coordination and Precision: Ensured precise coordination and stability during the relocation process, overcoming various logistical challenges.


This operation, a first of its kind for all involved and possibly a world first, was completed within one month. The successful relocation amidst various challenges showcased FWPL’s multi-faceted expertise and professionalism.


The successful relocation of the launching gantries for the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link project highlights FWPL’s innovative solutions and capability to handle complex engineering challenges. This milestone underscores FWPL’s commitment to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions, significantly contributing to the progress of this monumental infrastructure project.